Concrete Grinding and Polishing in Melbourne

For all your concrete grinding and polishing needs in Melbourne, VCS Floor Care has you covered. We recommend grinding as a simple and effective way to both level and restore your concrete flooring. This method is effective in removing paint, sealers, glue and loose rocks, preparing it for a new polished surface. It’s also important to note that a polished concrete floor will last in excess of 10 years. By comparison, a similarly carpeted floor will need to be replaced at least 4 times within this period of time, while hardwood will need one replacement and two sandings and refinishings.

The concrete grinding process involves grinding the exterior layer down into a smooth surface. This also provides a decorative effect as the aggregates and materials placed in the concrete are revealed. With the aid of a professional standard grinding machine, we can provide you with high quality results.

In addition to grinding, our team are specialists in concrete polishing. The process utilises sealers to densify, polish, and seal the surface for a decorated and strengthened effect. This has become a very popular surface choice in homes, retail stores, warehouses, and other facilities across the country. This attractive, yet long-lasting surface will be a great choice for almost any application.

Contact VCS Floor Care and have us transform your floor surface. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, you can benefit from our comprehensive concrete grinding and polishing services in Melbourne. Contact us today on 0405 511 285 for a free quote.